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Definition of Tactical Football Skills

Definition tactical football skills

Defining Tactical Football Skills

Tactical football skills encompass two pivotal phases: awareness of the environment and decision-making. These aspects collectively determine a player’s proficiency in tactical skills. Following these phases, players embark on executing their chosen game actions, where success relies on a combination of physical, technical, and tactical qualities. This broad definition divides tactical skills into three essential parts.

1. Awareness in Football

Tactical awareness is the foundation, encapsulating the player’s understanding of their position on the field, the locations of teammates and opponents, and awareness of the ongoing or potential match situations. This also involves recognizing the ball circumstances, such as readiness to play or open passlines. For an in-depth exploration of tactical awareness, delve into our dedicated article on the subject.

2. Decision Making

Players face a myriad of choices in each match, from dribbling directions and passing choices to selecting positions and engagement strategies with opponents. Optimal decision-making, instantaneously choosing the right actions, significantly enhances a player’s impact on the game. Determining the best decisions often requires the guidance of an individual performance coach.

3. Executions of Game Actions

Once a decision is made, players transition to the execution of a game action. Consider the example of a center back facing two opponents in their zone. The passlines are open, and both opponents are ready to receive the ball. The decision-making process involves choices like approaching, stepping off, or staying in the zone. Executing this decision involves considerations of body movement, positioning, and other critical factors.

Example of Tactical Skills

Picture yourself as a center back with two opponents in your zone. The passlines are open, and both opponents are ready to receive the ball. Your decision-making process involves options like approaching, stepping off, or maintaining your zone. If you choose to step off, you must be aware of execution nuances, such as body movement and positioning.

Thank you for exploring our comprehensive definition of tactical football skills. If you crave more insights into individual football, don’t miss our football blog and services for an enriched understanding of the game.

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| Koen Bloks