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Guide to Become a Football Scout

Are you aspiring to become a football scout and make a mark in the industry? Follow these enhanced tips to not only expand your network but also to skyrocket your visibility and impact in the football scouting business.

1. Network Expansion: Beyond Boundaries

The foundation of a successful scouting career lies in your network. Go beyond the basics by establishing both online and offline connections with scouts and sporting directors. Kickstart your networking journey by creating a compelling LinkedIn profile and connecting with professionals in the field. Seeking a direct entry? Be proactive and inquire about potential (free) internships. When you secure an invite, make every interaction count—curiosity is your key to unlocking opportunities.

2. Unleash Your Uniqueness

Differentiation is your secret weapon. Develop your own football vision or enroll in the Tactical Base scouting course, an expert-endorsed program that transforms how you perceive individual football tactics. This course is not just for beginners; even seasoned scouts and coaches can benefit. Your distinct perspective becomes your differentiator, setting you apart in the competitive world of football scouting.

Tactical Base coaches scouts to distinguish themselves with crucial analyzing tips. (Premier League)

3. Analyze the Pinnacle Players

Crafting a scouting vision begins with analyzing the best players globally. Test your vision rigorously, gaining confidence in your ability to develop any professional player. This readiness is your ticket to making a substantial impact in the football business. If uncertainty persists, revisit and refine your vision or consider the Tactical Base scouting course. Through comprehensive sessions, you’ll be equipped to elevate players like Virgil van Dijk, Kevin de Bruyne, and Kylian Mbappé to new heights.

4. Showcase Your Expertise: Scouting Portfolio

Even without prior industry experience, you can make a lasting impact by presenting a comprehensive scouting portfolio. Beyond the traditional CV, explore innovative mediums such as videos, presentations, and social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube). Compile valuable insights, showcasing your knowledge and passion for scouting. Your scouting portfolio becomes a powerful tool to demonstrate your capabilities and capture the attention of potential employers.

Let Tactical Base help you in becoming a scout with next level reports. (Premier League)


Elevate your football scouting journey with these refined strategies. Unleash your unique perspective, expand your network, and let your scouting portfolio speak volumes. But, last but not least, make sure to check out our scouting course to become a unique scouting. Make your mark in the world of football scouting today!

Tactical Base has been guiding players, coaches, and scouts for years to increase their impact in football. From lower leagues to the Champions League. Do you want this too? Then contact us.

| Koen Bloks