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How to become a football scout?

Expand your network in football

Let’s start with the first tip: expand your network in the scouting business. If you want to get an invite sometime, build on- and offline connections with scouts and sporting directors. Start a Linkedin profile and connect with all football scouts and directors you can find on the web. Build relationships, ask for tips and last but not least: ask for a (free) internship. And when you get invited, make sure to have an impact on them (check out tip 2) and ask them everything that’s unclear to you. Curiosity is key.

Find your differentiation

This is an expert tip: make sure to be different to other football scouts. Build a football vision yourself or follow the Tactical Base scouting course. This scouting course helps you to make an impact in the football business. The way you look at individual football tactics, strengths and weaknesses will never be the same. And even the best scouts and coaches can learn from this course. This should be your differentiation.

Analyse the best players

When you choose to build a scouting vision yourself: analyse the best player in the world. Once you are ready creating your football vision, make sure to test it and be confident that you can develop any professional player. That’s when you are ready to make an impact in the football business. If not, go back to the drawing board or check the Tactical Base scouting course. After a few sessions you are able to improve even the best players like Virgil van Dijk, Kevin de Bruyne and Kylian Mbappé.

Make your scouting portfolio

There will be a moment when you have to send your curriculum vitae. And even if you don’t have any experiences in the business, you can make an impact. That’s when you publish your scouting portfolio. There are several ways to make your own portfolio. Think of making a video, presentation, Social media account (Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube), et cetera. Collect information and share your knowledge in a personal scouting portfolio.

Tactical Base (founded in 2021) is a company that guides professional football players and clubs in various national- and international competitions (MLS, Bundesliga, Premier League, Champions League, f.e.) worldwide. Nowadays, the company also trains scouts and analysts to improve their impact.