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Individual tactical course

Individual Tactical Course

What is an individual tactical course?

An individual tactical course is a course where you learn how to coach individual players into (extremely) detail. The course is made for scouts, coaches and other people who want to focus on developing individual players and improve their tactical abilities. Individual tactical analysis is an upcoming service worldwide. Do you want to develop players and make your way into football? This can be your career changer.

Improving individual players

All players worldwide are dependent to the abilities from their coaches. Only a few coaches are fully focussed on developing the smallest of details of individual players. Most coaches aren’t or simply don’t have the time or know-how. That’s why we predict that in the upcoming years a lot of professional clubs will seek for an in-depth individual tactical coach. That could be you.

Benefits individual tactical course

After starting with our course, soon you’ll able to start guiding professional football players into depth. We’ll be learning you all individual choices a player is able to make. And all little details that should be taking into account when analyzing a player. We promise that you’ll be interesting for professional clubs and/or be able to start your own business as an individual tactical coach.

Tactical Base (founded in 2021) is a company that guides professional football players and clubs in various national- and international competitions (MLS, Bundesliga, Premier League, Champions League, f.e.) worldwide. Nowadays, the company also trains scouts and analysts to improve their impact.